Mission and Vision


Community-based Psychiatric Care Research Center aims at
- Performing strategic research projects focused on patient needs while adhering to professional ethics
- Enhancing the experts in basic and applied community-based researches of mental health and trying to be known as one of the nationally credible research centers in Southern Iran.
- Introducing the Community-based Psychiatric Care Research Center as an internationally credible research center.
- Attracting the collaboration and cooperation of health personnel in order to distinguish the health issues in the field of psychiatric health and present solutions.


Trying to enhance and apply empirical fundamental research, along with an attractive environment for development of skilled labour in the country while incentivizing community-based researches and studies in order to promote the psychiatric health of the community.





Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Community-based Psychiatric Care Research Center

FatemehPBUH School of Nursing and Midwifery
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